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My name is Robyn Mattox. I started this web site to help other moms in similar situations. I am seeking to become pregnant after Essure removal and uterine ablation. I currently have Asherman’s Syndrome. This is interuterine scarring caused by the ablation. I have searched the internet high and low, and found nothing but scary, horrible stories and every web page that said I would die should I get pregnant. Well, I have since found other wise, and have run across many, many women who have been successful and safe. There are treatment options for Asherman’s Syndrome to become pregnant. Essure coils can be removed and tubes restored to achieve pregnancy. It took me months of searching to find all the information and hope. This web site will search as a consolidation point for all my research on Uterine Ablation treatment, Asherman’s Syndrome treatments, Essure removal and Clearing tubal blockages naturally.

This site is still under construction and will be growing as more research becomes available. Please join our discussion boards and explore the information I have gathered here.

Baby Dust to All!